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This year’s programme includes:
  • Full-length Opera: The Marriage of Figaro & Madam Butterfly
  • A Grand Night of Opera in Seville & Spain
  • The 3 English Tenors
  • The Northumbrian Ranters
  • Pipes and Fiddle of Andrew and Margaret Watchorn and Musica Johannis
  • Graeme Danby – Songs of the North East & Northumberland
  • Savoy Opera from Gilbert and Sullivan

festival label

  • The First Northumberland Music Festival was held in November 2011. Over the years, full length opera, G&S, Northumbrian music and Gala Events have proved to be extremely popular, with tickets in short supply.
  • We have brought a new musical experience to the county for the first time, uniting nationally celebrated and talented musicians with an audience hungry for the experience of live performance.
  • Events are accompanied by good food – a gourmet dinner and reception drink are included in the cost of the ticket.
  • Last year saw the introduction of the Northumberland Music Festival Awards, open to all who live locally. This year’s winners will be invited to perform in the Festival.
artists labelThis year’s artists includes:
  • Graeme Danby and Valerie Reid
  • Nicholas Sales, Sarah Helsby Hughes, Stuart Orme and Thomas Eaglen
  • Alastair Donkin, Yvonne Patrick, Pauline Birchall and Graham Stone
  • Tom McVeigh, Verity Parker and Helen Evora
  • Nicholas Ransley and Andrew Forbes Lane
  • Musica Johnannis
  • The Northumbrian Ranters
  • Andrew and Margaret Watchorn.